Wedding packages
Manuel Antonio beach front

We have restaurant in front of the beach .them we serves special meals and drinks for weddings in case you want to make any meals before or after the wedding or may be make a good breakfast before the wedding .

Package includes:

Legal requirement/ceremony Official& Marriage License
Location in front of the beach
Personal bridal consulting for the wedding day
Bridal Bouquet (please tell us If you have any idea.)
Decoration tropical flower for the ceremony
White plastic table and chairs for your guest (including decorations)
Wedding cake, serves up to 15 to 20 persons
2 bottles of champagne.

Price from $ 1900 (ASK FOR THE PACKAGES)

Please tell us

How many persons attending the ceremony and how many days 2 or 3 for your Guest, stay in the Hotel.
How many adults, child etc.

10 OR 14 double rooms ( we offer rate for $85.00+tax and 10% Discount)

Also is possible to found music or something’s special that you want..

From Hotel Arboleda, the park is a short walk down the beach.(Left, a squirrel monkey and her offspring takes a close look at the strangers in her playground.Middle, one of the beaches in the park. Right,a tanning iguana.)