Manuel Antonio National Park is locate in the Pacific Cost is one of Costa Rica's best attractions.

The park is an island of verdant wilderness; a tropical forest with abundant wildlife and beautiful beaches. From Hotel Arboleda, the park is a short walk down the beach.

(Left, a squirrel monkey and her offspring takes a close look at the strangers in her playground.Middle, one of the beaches in the park. Right,a tanning iguana.)

Quepos and Manuel Antonio are two separate but interdependent central Pacific coast towns. Quepos has about 7,000 permanent residents, a large hospital, banks, stores, hotels, markets, bars, restaurants and a main bus terminal.

Once in Quepos, Manuel Antonio you will also have the chance to enjoy yourself with a myriad of extracurricular activities. These include , sport fishing, international cuisine, horseback riding , bars and discos. And if you tire of those, you may want to consider the river rafting, expeditions in kayaks, surfing, snorkeling, bird and butterfly watching, quiet beaches and astounding sunsets.

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Manuel Antonio beach front Hotel
Step right onto the Manuel Antonio and enjoy the sun and the sand. Get your board or one of our kayaks and take advantage of the great surf at Manuel Antonio Beach.

Manuel Antonio beach front Restaurant

The restaurant Terraza del Sol is located beach front to Manuel Antonio offering you good Food and a very comfortable envirenment and surroundings. You almost have the feeling of being in middle of the jungle, if there wouldn't be the beautiful view to the Pacific ocean and Manuel Antonio.

From the restaurant you can observe all different kinds of animals like iguanas, land living crabs, jesus lizard sand squirrel, white-faced and howler monkeys. With a bit luck you are able to see the Sloth's.

Or just look at the surfers of Manuel Antonio from your seat in the restaurant, which are taking up to 10ft high waves. A stunning Scene, like the unforgettable Sunsets at the beach of Manuel Antonio.